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Over the years we have developed a lot of of custom equipment ad
modifications for our own use and some of these have become popular
magazine projects.

As an adjunct to some of the projects over the years we have made parts and kits available to accompany them.  This is not a profitable endeavor and we don't really want to be in the parts business, but we continue to make some of these available.  Prices may be higher than listed in the original article as our costs have risen.

Chinese Mike Mod Kits (Recording magazine, January 2002)
   - Consists of one pc board, one FET, and two low noise PNP transistors
   - $20 postpaid
   - Can be ordered with standoffs that make assembly a bit easier for an
     extra $5

Oktava Microphone Modifications (Recording magazine, June 2005 and Sept 2003)
   - Replacement FETs are available for Oktava mikes
   - Equivalent to those used in later production Oktavas, much
     quieter than original Soviet metal-can FETs.
   - $10 each postpaid.

AKG C3000B upgrade (Recording magazine, July 2008)
   - Kit consists of board and FET, available for $45 still

Active Equalizer (Recording magazine, Dec 2003)
   - Boards for this equalizer project are available at $65 each postpaid.
   - All other parts are still available from Digi-Key or MCE.

Project R Monitor (Recording magazine, November 1999)
   - This project cannot actually be constructed today because the speaker
     driver used is no longer manufactured and no reasonable equivalent has
     been found.
   - However, terminal boards for the crossover are still available for $10

Fairchild Microphone Kits  (R/E/P magazine, date unknown)
   - Kits for the electronics to replace the original electrostatic
     polarization supply in the Omega/Syncom/Fairchild microphones are
     no longer available because it has become impossible to obtain the
     magnetics used.

U-47 Kits
   - The kit to replace the unavailable tube in the U47 with a 6AU6 is
     no longer in production but we would be prepared to build more if
     an order of sufficient quantity was placed.

Opamp Labs Kits  (Unpublished)
   - A kit exists to replace an Opamp Labs 425 amplifier with a modern
     monolithic IC.  It consists of only the PC board; the user will have
     to provide resistors, decoupling capacitors, and an octal plug.
     $5 each postpaid.

Kludge Spring (Popular Electronics, date unknown)
   - This project can no longer be constructed because it depends on a
     spring reverb assembly that was discontinued in the early 1990s.
     However, the metal clamps for controlling spring damping are still
     cluttering up the garage should anybody ever need one.  $5/set of 4

Machine Oil (numerous tape machine maintenance articles)
   - 2 oz of Royal Purple Synfilm 32.  This is a synthetic oil that is
     intended as a replacement for light machine oil, and can replace the
     Mobil DTE or Castrol OC-11 light machine oils.  It is more stable
     and more pure than the original petroleum oils and is a more powerful
     solvent.  Recommended for use on Ampex 350 and 440 motor and pinch
     roller bearings.  Too thick for use on Ampex 440 scrape flutter idlers.
     $12/bottle postpaid.

Buzz Track Film
   - For alignment of 16mm projector optical sound head height and azimuth.
     Equivalent to SMPTE P16-BT.  Checked with microscope reticle.  100 ft.
     for $150 postpaid.

Telephone Lamp Box
   - Small box with an NE-2 bulb in it that lights up when the phone rings.
     Plugs directly into landline phone.  Very handy for studio telephones
     so you can disconnect the ringer and see a call coming in visually.
     $10 postpaid.

All prices are prepaid within the US.  All of these can be obtained with
a check or money order to

Kludge Audio
Box 1229
Williamsburg, VA. 23187

Purchasers outside the US, please contact kludge @ panix.com for payment and shipping details.

Last updated 30 Mar, 2019
Scott Dorsey (kludge @ panix.com)